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Never worry about your white label hosted PBX
going down again

Geo Redundant automatic failover for your white label communications platform

In every white label communications platform we deploy at least 5 global or local servers, giving you peace of mind that you are safe even in the worst scenarios. If one of your servers goes down, the others immediately take the load to ensure your client's calls keep flowing. The Geo Redundant Server Solutions allow for automatic failover between data centres of mission-critical services including applications, databases, and GUI interfaces to multiple remote data centres. The failover is seamless and happens with no human intervention whatsoever. This allows for zero detectable downtime for your hosted PBX users.

Our team then receives an email of the problem and we get to work quickly in deploying a new server for you.

Complete business solution

With all the bells and whistles

Our white label communications platform originates from a beautiful past, based on the highly respected project of Kamilio, freeswitch we built on the success taking latest technologies to provide a complete business structure. Because of our attention to detail we work closely with the client during our setup phase which takes approximately 2 weeks, with 1 week of vigorous testing to ensure all works as intended. Along with the required training that a client might need.

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True White label Solution

Your logo, your style, your customisations, your hosted PBX, your customers

Often we hear the word white label, but truly it's just a simple logo change. We allow you to go further, since every system is hosted away from other clients you have access to change things the way you want. It looks like you are hosting your own hosted PBX system. You can have your own logo, email alerts originating from your company, support chat etc. Everything you need to get things done. And if you have a development team, fantastic, take advantage of creating your own apps. We can also create apps for our client where possible.

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Your clients, remain yours

We build true business contracts that allows you to be protected as well as us

The VOIP world has been long plagued by news of aggressive contracts which protect solely the Saas vendor. We believe in cultivating long term relationships by protecting the data of our clients, and subsequently clients of their own. Therefore if the time ever comes where you sadly want to leave us, we eradicate the data once stored and completely terminate the machines you once ran with us. If you ever want to return to us, you would need to give us a file that allows us to reinstate your systems.

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Built to be amazing

With all the features you would expect

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