ORANGE COUNTY, California – European Sipink launches channel program in North America to attack the vastly growing VoIP and video conferencing market.

After 5 years of growing a steady VoIP platform service throughout Europe, UK, Middle East and Africa, Sipink has decided to regain traction in North America by offering a white-label Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform.

The VoIP market has been growing strong over the last decade adding more than 30 million VoIP phone lines since 2010. According to their research 50% of IT leaders stopped purchases of on-premises communications tools and have flocked to cloud-based VoIP solutions. Additionally, 40% more of these leaders will stop purchasing on-premises phone systems by 2021, which will give the industry a major boost in VoIP lines to go into the next decade.

“Sipink has targeted North America because of the huge opportunity. It’s something we have been waiting a long time in re-building since we entered the market two years ago. The company has completed two major data center projects to give us plenty of room for many years while keeping the quality of our systems and service a priority for our clients and their customers,” said Emmanuel Jansa, CEO of Sipink LTD.

“With analysts predicting the VoIP phone market to explode to over 100 million phones, we believe our white-label VoIP platform will lend its hand to many entrepreneurs, managed service providers, ISPs and existing telecommunications providers in delivering the best VoIP phone services through a 100% cloud-based solution. We are very excited to launch here in North America, and in our leadership and sales team,” he concluded.

With the market expected to nearly triple to $55 billion in the next 5 years – and some analysts expect this could expand to $86 billion due to Covid and remote work – Sipink’s white-label VoIP and UCaaS system comes to the right place following their European expansion.