London, England, Dec. 15, 2020 – Sipink LTD is thrilled to announce Boris Gonzalez as their new Vice President of Sales & Marketing for its North American expansion. Mr. Gonzalez will be responsible for growing Sipink inside the United States and Canada, with Mexico in sight for late 2021.

“We are excited to have Boris join the Sipink Global Team to lead our continued expansion into North America. We are very aware of Boris Gonzalez’s leadership as a skilled strategist and are very proud to make him a strong addition to further our growth,” stated Emmanuel Jansa, Chief Executive Officer.

Boris Gonzalez joins Sipink with more than 20 years in marketing and sales with various tech companies, startups, and marketing agencies. He has advised and integrated marketing strategies and tactics for more than one hundred brands, including the Fortune 500 and 50. Besides being a marketing and sales leader, he held senior executive positions where he spearheaded strategic planning for high-growth initiatives.

With the North American VoIP market expected to nearly triple in the next 3 years, Sipink knows that having a leader that is not afraid to drive growth during these uncertain times is critical.

“We are truly satisfied to have a respected leader like Boris on board. He has already been instrumental in building a coast-to-coast sales force across the United States and was even quicker to gain traction in our industry,” Emmanuel added.

Boris Gonzalez graduated from California State University, Fullerton’s College of Business with a degree in Marketing. He also has three Associate degrees in Business Administration, Biology, and Cultural Studies, and was featured as a national public speaker, educating thousands of businesses on digital marketing for over 12 years.


Sipink is a white-label VoIP platform providing VoIP, video conferencing and a true digital VoIP switch. Its platform includes a full suite of PBX and UCaaS features allowing resellers to use its white label solutions to expand their VoIP business or enter into new markets. SIPINK is the market leader when it comes to transparent seat pricing, including offering a free billing and taxation integrations. Sipink has a mission to make it easier for any entity to compete in the VoIP space with a business system and platform that is the most scalable and profitable.