London, England – Sipink North America completed its second stage of expanding it’s infrastructure in the United States to the West Coast.

With competition and the market growing vastly for VoIP services through North America, Sipink decided to expand to a data center in San Francisco, adding to it’s already robust and fast New York point-of-presence (POP). The new servers on the West Coast has already reduced latency in North America by more than half.

Algorithms and other scripts were developed to allow automated scalability. For every call, the servers talk to each other and decide which one would better serve the caller with the lowest latency and best quality. Additionally, the load balancing would double resources at 10% capacity, drastically increasing capacity and quality by the same fraction even at lower levels of operation. This is to ensure the highest quality and lowest latency with as many simultaneous calls as imaginable on its growing network.

“After London, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam, San Francisco is the logical next step in our ongoing effort to upgrade our infrastructure”, says Mark Flores Martin, CTO. With demand growing strongest in North America, it is obvious to focus on additional capacity there. We owed it to our partners and their clients”.

By being fully scalable, the new infrastructure and development adds unlimited capacity, which is needed for the ambitious expansion plans of Sipink in the United States and Canada. Apart from improving performance, the new server center also increases redundancy. Sipink has been failover proof before but an additional layer of redundancy is always seen as a plus by the market.

SIPINK has been enjoying continuous growth globally since starting operations 5 years ago. The new server center is supporting this growth strategy and underscores the commitment of Sipink to its partners in North America.


Sipink is a white-label VoIP platform providing VoIP, video conferencing and a true digital VoIP switch. It’s platform includes a full suite of PBX and UCaaS features allowing resellers to use its white label solutions to expand their VoIP business or enter into new markets. SIPINK is the market leader when it comes to transparent seat pricing, including offering a free billing and taxation integrations. Sipink has a mission to make it easier for any entity to compete in the VoIP space with a business system and platform that is the most scalable and profitable.