Sipink TEAMS launch

Sipink just launched its integration with Microsoft TEAMS. Sipink resellers can now connect the white label platform with the TEAMS accounts of their clients, allowing them to make and receive phone calls on TEAMS.

“It is the best of both worlds”, according to SIPINK’s CEO, Emmanuel Jansa. “Now during the global pandemic, TEAMS sessions have replaced physical meetings but companies are still using their fixed lines to communicate with the outside world. Everyone still needs to be reachable via their extension, particularly in the home office.”

People are having a mess though, with all their communications systems, making integrations all the more important. The center of all professional communication is the laptop and most people are working with Microsoft Office that often comes with the TEAMS app. A recent survey conducted among Sipink clients showed that most people did not take their office phones home. They just redirected their calls to their mobile phone.

Redirecting to mobile phones can be costly though, and it is way less convenient than just picking it up on TEAMS. For outgoing calls, users can just copy a number into their TEAMS app and go. It just makes the whole workflow much more fluent.

Sipink allows resellers to be on the forefront of innovation and benefit from the home office trend by offering such unified communications solutions to their clients. When it comes to pricing, Sipink has the most competitive offering on the market as Sipink is one of the rare providers with their own technology. This puts Sipink into the pole position with resellers.