Add a new incoming call to Sales Force

Save new calls to SIPINK as a Contact or Lead in Sales force

You need:

  • An admin account on a SIPINK platform ( A SIPINK partner would have provided you login details to your portal, this would be your admin account).
  • A Zapier Account.
  • A sales force Account ( you can grab a 30 day trial here).

Setting up SIPINK:

  1. Login to your Zapier account.
  2. Press Create a New Zap.


  3. Search for SIPINK and process to Select “PBX External Call Answer”. (If you have not been invited to SIPINK app, please use this invitation ).
  4. At the Login Screen enter the information provided to you by your Platform Partner. ( unless using free edition).
    • Username: (Eg: [email protected])
    • Password: Was assigned to you
    • Realm: eg
  5. Once you are logged in process to Name your connection if you have multiple PBX’s or plan to make multiple connections.
  6. Hit Save and continue.


  7. At this point Zapier will create a connection with SIPINK, in order to verify the connection you must call your DID number, and answer the call. It will show test successful if it has detected the call.


  8. Congratulations you have successfully setup SIPINK Zapier connection, in the future you will no longer need to re-autorise.

Setting up Sales Force

  1. Now that we have SIPINK Hosted PBX connected, it’s time to move onto connecting Sales force with your Hosted PBX system. There are a multitude of options but just for an example we are going to create a new contact when a call comes in.
  2. Select Sales Force as an Action.


  3. When a call comes in, we are going to create a contact if one does not exist. Select create contact.
  4. Press Save+Continue.
  5. At this point, you can link the fields to Data relating to your call, Such as:
    • Company DID name: Company name,
    • Caller ID: Business Phone Number
    • Responsible user: User ID.


  6. Once you are satisfied with your settings click Save+continue at the bottom of your screen.
  7. Click Create and Continue.
  8. Open Sales force and check that the entry has been submitted as you want.

Creating complex deployments and multi level steps is key to creating the exact custom functionality your client wants with absolutely no programming knowledge.

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