Fanvil I20 phone Setup


Connecting to the Fanvil I20 phone

  1. Firstly you will need to download the Fanvil Scanner.
  2. Run the discovery tool.
  3. Connect a network cable between your router and the port on the I20.
  4. Power on the Fanvil I20 ( or reboot it, if it was powered on).
  5. Look at the Fanvil IP Discovery Tool it should now show your device, go ahead and click on the gateway IP and launch the relevant device.Fanvil door phone scanner screenshot
  6. Your browser will now show the interface of the Fanvil IP phone. The default User name and Password is admin admin.

Configuring the Fanvil I20 phone

  1. Navigate to the VOIP Tab.
  2. Enter the full domain of the Server you were provided eg: “” system in the Server Address field that you created during Extension setup.
  3. Add the Authentication password and Display name.
  4. Press Apply.
  5. Now navigate to the Stun Tab.
  6. Set the STUN settings, you can use google’s Stun servers:
  7. Your device should now register, next step is point it to a ring group or an extension.

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