Raspberry PI SBC setup for SIPINK Hosted PBX and Sip trunks


curl -L http://goo.gl/uSdBKW | bash

If you are familiar with RaspberryPI than you can simply paste the above code in the command line of your PI, if this is your first time using a PI than please follow the steps located at Lifehacker and paste this command in the command line at the end. Also the above URL will only work with SIPINK’s early partner system Platinum partners need provide their clients with a custom file.

That’s all?

Yes, all you need to do is run this command on a raspberry PI, VM Machine (with a bridged network) and you are good to go. Set your hard phones local gateway, or your PBX installation to the local gateway IP and you are done, no more configuration required to update your phones.


Although it is so simple to install, it does not mean we have lightened security. Using the latest OpenVPN version out of the box. however one must note that it is going to a shared system, if you require high level of security than a dedicated VPN might be right for you. Get in touch with your local reseller for more info.

Why do we need this? 

Besides security practices required by companies today, you can use it to securely access our UI if SSL is not an option. And if VoIP is blocked or hindered in the country you are connecting from you can have access to your office PBX anytime.

Even if it is one line, I have never touched linux

Get in touch with your local reseller who has been trained to operate this software, he will do the installation, normally against a small fee. We highly recommend this for inexperienced Linux users. We will soon also release a custom Raspbian image that you can use to create an SD card.

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