Become a SIPINK Partner and Profit From the craze in cloud VoIP

Why Partner With SIPINK?

  • From 500% markup on any extensions you sell (create your own price)
  • 25% commission on referrals for people buying the switch.
  • SIPINK is a 100% reseller based company
  • SIPINK is a professional, easily manageable software PBX and Trunking creation which runs in the cloud.
  • Free Upgrades.
  • Free Training Webinars.
  • incredibly cheap Low price makes easy sales with budget left over for selling installation & support services.
  • Joining the partner program is free and there is no upfront commitment.
  • We only sell to resellers or distributors – ensuring that we will not compete with you.
  • Leads are passed on to you

Who qualifies

  • IT resellers that resell computer hardware, software or services.
  • How do I Join the SIPINK Partner Program?

    Apply online here.
    Reach out at [email protected] if you have questions.