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Focus on sales instead of the technical hassles of on-prem installs and technical support. SIPINK’s white label VOIP solution includes a completely scalable and reliable VOIP and business management platform to run the VOIP business from the cloud.
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Cloud-Based Platform

Our cloud-based platform makes it easy to run your own VOIP communications company under your own brand. Scale easily under our U.S. network. We offer east and west coast redundant locations, including cloud-based backup and an active/active failsafe solution.

Multi-Tenant, Multi-Level PBX

Easily create multiple accounts with unlimited scalability in minutes. This multi-level system can also create sub-resellers with multi-tenant access for creating their own PBX accounts. Moreover, our PBX system is fully-featured with all the best features in place.

UCaaS System

Offer a competitive UCaaS solution with capabilities that rival MS Teams, Zoom, Slack and Vonage, all in one system.

White-Label Solution

Enjoy running your VOIP company under your own brand and labeling, including invoicing. SIPINK is a complete white-label VOIP solution and keeps that at the forefront for all the tools and features we build in our systems.

Billing Automation

Our white label VOIP system comes with billing automation, which means quoting, invoicing and collecting payments easily. Setup recurring or one-time charges easily, including the ability to add other products and services you want to add to your own business. And, even integrate with popular accounting systems.

U.S. VoIP Tax Integration

Understanding the U.S. telecommunications tax system is about as equivalent to being a brain surgeon. We leave that up to our partner that facilitates the local, county, state and federal taxes for VOIP providers and integrates it into our system. What’s best, SIPINK understands if you want to bring your own tax partner, and we don’t penalize you for it.

Customer Management

CRM is included with our white label system, so you can enjoy managing your customers, their services, and take notes accordingly. There is no extra charge for this inclusion. Every business needs it, and we know you will, too.

Agent/Reseller Management

Selling VOIP isn’t easy in this competitive market, however, managing those that sell for you can be with other white label solutions. That’s why SIPINK took under consideration the sales efforts you plan to do and the management needed to get it done right with tools that facilitate the management of agents and resellers under you.

Sales Agent/Reseller Reporting

Along with managing agents and resellers under you, comes accountability and the reporting necessary to grow the business. Unlike other VOIP reseller solutions, we include the tools to report sales for each agent and reseller under your admin login.

Wholesale Pricing

SIPINIK has always done its best to negotiate the best carrier rates and wholesale pricing for incidentals like DIDs. Your private label VOIP business will always receive fair market, wholesale pricing that allows you to compete under usage or unlimited pricing models. As well, we will add more and more carriers to our portfolio allowing you or your clients to apply lowest cost carrier routing. The technology is already built into our PBX.

Open API & Webhooks

With an OPEN API and webbooks, there is nothing you can’t integrate into with SIPINK’s platform. Our OPEN API system is also supported by our internal development, and doesn’t have to wait on a 3rd party system for testing.

Integrate with the biggest names in tech like Office365, Salesforce, MS Dynamics, Gmail, Pipedrive, Sugar SRM, Twilio, and Zoho, without going through hoops on a 3rd-party system. Plus, SIPINK is Zapier friendly, so feel free to create Zaps from our system to another.

Even our chat platform uses an open standard to connect to other popular chat platforms like Slack, RSS, I Message, FB Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Hangouts, Twitter, WeChat, RSS, IRC and MORE!


U.S. hospitals are running on SIPINK, so we understand that downtown can be a life or death matter. We are very proud to announce that due to our 18-times failover proof system, we have not been down once in the last two years and running. A reliability like ours is a tough one to beat.

And, as opposed to an Asterisk-based system - or other PBX systems that are built for on-premise usage and converted and offered as a cloud service - the SIPINK PBX has been built on Kazoo and constitutes a true cloud switch. While other systems get performance issues over 50 users, our platform is infinitely scalable. Before we reach full capacity utilization an additional instance is added to our infrastructure.

Become a white labeled technology reseller partner and offer the best performing, most reliable, feature-rich, and competitive unified communications platform on the planet.

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